Carniv Creations

Rue here! Need to contact me?
Reach out on Telegram or Instagram!

Carniv Creations

Hey, I'm Rue! The one crafting the crafts and drawing the arts!
Crafting fursuits officially since 2018 and drawing for as long as I can remember.
Based in London, UK
You can even visit the studio for fursuit fittings or pick-up!

✦ Horizon - He/They ✦
✦ Mascot ✦
✦ Drawing gift art? We’d love this pup! ✦

Where to Find Us!

We mainly post on Instagram, there and Telegram are the best places to get in touch!Not very active on other platforms, but see links.Meet our team below!

✦ Rue (Raka) - They/Them ✦
✦ Artist & Maker ✦
✦ Always working on multiple projects! ✦

✦ Ren (FireCracker) - He/Him ✦
✦ Studio Assistant ✦
✦ Makes suits too - see link below! ✦


Next openings
Plushie: June 1st
Fursuit: July 1st
Commission examples & prices.
Some openings will be linked here, but all announcements will be made through Telegram & Instagram.
Link to TOS


Heads from £2000
Small partials from £2400
Large partials from £3000
Plantigrade fullsuit from £3600
Digitigrade fullsuit from £4000
We would love to welcome you to the Carniv Crew!As standard our fursuits come with following eyes, pickable nose, simple jaw set and a customised care kit!
Currently only offering semi-realistic style. Moving jaws is something I only offer when working with resin bases (not something that I make myself).
Most likely to accept designs that include fun props or interesting extras!